Just The Tip(s): Don’t Bring Up Your Dick In Convo Until After a Girl Has Sucked It

Okay, I’m going to be honest with you and say that I had planned on launching this blog before the end of Leo season (since my first post was about Leo men), but it’s the first day of Virgo season and I only have two posts on this blog, so this third post is going to be a short and sweet tip regarding a thought/thot I had after giving my girlfriend’s number to a guy I knew from Instagram.

I’m thinking this “Just The Tip(s)” will be my series of tips for men…

The thought was a tip that I think all guys should follow under normal circumstances, and it is:

#1 Don’t Bring Up Your Dick In Convo Until After A Girl Has Sucked It

This sounds pretty self-explanatory (and maybe even obvious), but let me explain what brought me to this epiphany…

So I had been DMing with a photographer on Instagram about shooting sometime, and I ran into him working the photo booth at an event in DC shortly after. I happened to be with my girlfriend, L, at the time, and we chatted for a bit while he took our photo.

Later that night, the guy asked me if I thought my friend would be interested in him, cuz he was into her. I asked L if I could give her number to the guy, and she said sure.

It wasn’t long after that she sent me a screenshot of him telling her how some of the gay men were hitting on him last night and making jokes about how he probably had a big dick.

Obviously, this conversation isn’t offensive to most 20-something women (and certainly not to me), but I still wouldn’t really be into a guy talking about his cock so early into our text-messaging.

Here’s why: it immediately takes the conversation from what is presumably small talk to something overtly sexual in nature. While that’s something that might be on both of your minds anyway, a guy bringing up his dick implies that:

1. He’s thinking with it

2. He’s thinking of you on top of it 

3. He’s gauging your reaction to him bringing up his dick as a way to see if you’ll likely be down to suck it in the near future

And these are just the basics. A guy bringing up his dick early in convo could really make a girl assume a ton of negative stuff about him, from thinking he has the social skills of a 12 year old to assuming he’s only interested in her for the potential to get his D wet (which might be true, but still not the vibe you want to give off and/or get).

As I mentioned earlier, this rule should be hard and fast for all relatively normal dating scenarios. Obviously, if a girl asks about your dick, you can feel free to answer. If you’re in one of those Catfish-y type relationships where you have been texting for months, but still haven’t met in person and the sexual tension is rising, it might be okay to make harmless jokes involving your dick.

Of course, as with most sexual cases, if the girl makes the first foray into dick-discussing territory (a.k.a the first move), you can follow suit. Maybe she really likes dirty humor, or maybe she already knows that she plans to suck your dick in the near future.

But, speaking personally, I feel the same way about a dude bringing up his dick in convo as I do about a dude sending dick pics in 99% of cases: if I haven’t already met (and enjoyed) your dick, I don’t want that shit.



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