In Defense of The Leo: 6 Good Things About Leo Men In Love (Or In Bed)

Let’s talk about Leos, baby.

In particular, Leo men.

Are you rolling your eyes right now?

Congratulations! You’ve dated a Leo man before. Or, should I give my condolences instead?

To be honest, I didn’t realize how universally hated Leo men were in the dating world until I started vesting a particular interest in Leo men myself (one guess why).

Suddenly everywhere I turned, women were talking about how they were so young and dumb once upon a time that they dated a Leo dude (or two).

But just like every rose has its thorn, every negative stereotype has a positive side, right?

And if you know me, you know I sort of have a thing against people who trash talk their exes, so I figured all the ladies who were talking shit about Leo men maybe had a slight bias. And let’s be real – a case could be made against a man of any star sign.

So, I took to social media in attempts to find anecdotes that showed why Leo men could be great, at least at certain times and in certain ways.

The response? Crickets.

Okay, my inbox wasn’t completely dry, but it was pretty damn barren. From both my Instagram and Facebook feeds, I got a measly two responses from people with positive feedback, and a whole lot more from people saying how trash Leo men are, plus a few Leo men lamenting about how they’re not that bad (typical Leos, am I right?).

One dude even DMed me saying, “I’m a Leo and fully admit we are train wrecks. Avoid!”

Gotta love a man who’s honest!

But I’m not here to tell you why Leos are trash, I’m here to tell you how they can be sort of great in their own special, self-centered way!

Okay, well, I’m sort of still going to mention how they can be trash, but I’ll also give examples of how they can be fun partners or good hookups straight from the source: girls who were brave enough to date Leos.

Here are some reasons to date a Leo dude, or at least enough of a justification to hang out with a Leo dude temporarily until he starts driving you crazy.

1. They Are Down for a Day-Long (Or Night Long) Date

“Both of the [Leo men] I’m thinking of seriously make dates a full night,” said Carly. “Lots of activities, they pay for everything, introduce you to people, and wanna run around and have fun…then when we go to bed they act the same, like make all the rounds — it’s fun!”

When I asked Carly what she meant by “all the rounds,” she explained that they really cared about her orgasm, were cuddly afterwards, and took on a “daddy type” bedroom persona.

Okay, we can dig it.

Obviously, this can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your preference and if you actually like the person you’re going out with. If you go on a first date and realize you’re not into the dude and he’s got an entire night of activities planned for ya’ll, it’s going to get awkward fast.

Speaking from personal experience, I am absolutely not the “day-long” kind of dater, and the only guy who ever got me to agree to something like that was – you guessed it – a Leo man.

Seriously, the more I read into astrology, the more I believe it.

Anyway, back to Carly’s bedroom comments. I hate to say this, but I feel that from an astrology standpoint, Leo men could simply care about their partner’s orgasm because they see it as a reflection on themselves. They want to pride themselves on being rock stars in bed, so they want to give their partner an awesome orgasm for their own sake.

Kind of sus, but still better than the dude who doesn’t even bother to eat you out, so whatever. And, for the record, Carly said both her Leo men went down on her first — goals!

2. They Actually Want Your Love & Attention

When Renee (who is also a Leo herself) said one good thing about Leo men is that they need love and attention, I was skeptical. As an unaffectionate person by nature, anyone who “needs” love and attention sounds like a handful to me, but then I sat back and saw it from a different perspective that I think most girls will see as a positive.

You know those guys who think that you being a decent human being to them translates to you wanting to marry them and have their babies? Yeah, me too, they’re the worst. Dudes you fuck will legit have you trying your hardest to be cold and ruthless just to squash any chance of him calling you “crazy” or “in love” with them.

So, yeah, Leo men are not really like that.

On the contrary, Leo men are actually pretty likely to start treating you like their girlfriend shortly after you start dating and/or hooking up with them.

Obviously, this can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it means you don’t have to play any games if you’re really feeling them. On the other hand, it can confuse you into thinking things are going somewhere serious only to realize he just treats all the girls he fucks like temporary girlfriends before he gets bored and finds new prey.

Side note: Leos are known to pursue their romantic partners intensely until they know they’ve got them, and then completely lose interest, so this is very possible.

Regardless, it’s nice to be able to cuddle up with a dude or even (gasp) tell him you’re into him without him running scared in the other direction.

Yes, I know the bar is on the floor, okay?

But yeah, Leos take all their emotions to the extreme, and might honestly freak you out a little bit early on in your flirtation if you’re not on the same page as them.

Once I started DMing with a Leo man on Twitter and he brought up marriage and kids five messages into our convo. I was concerned why anyone who follows me on Twitter would think that talking about marriage and kids was a way to win me over, but joke was on me because he still hopped out the DMs and into my life (he had really good pecs, okay?).

3. They’re Not Broke (Or At Least Don’t Act Broke)

“They get shit done,” said Taylor. “I’ve never been with a broke ass Leo.”

Leos are known to be materialistic, and while being materialistic be seen as a negative quality (it’s been proven to make you unhappy, not to mention it can make you broke real quick), there is a bright side.

If your Leo man spends money on himself, he’s probably down to spend money on you.

It’s not that dating a broke dude is the worst thing in the world – it’s the feeling you get when your broke dude is painfully obvious in trying to avoid spending money (whether it be on you, on dates, or even on himself). You probably won’t have to deal with this with a Leo — which is a plus!

4. They’re Passionate & Driven

What usually goes hand in hand with not being broke? Being a hard worker. Unless, of course, your Leo man is a trust-fund baby, which sounds like a nightmare…but maybe you’ll get a Birkin out of it, so keep doing you until you’re tired of babysitting.

Regardless of the trust-fund babies out there, Leos are known for being hard workers.

“My fiancé is a Leo man, I love him to death,” said Erin. “We are both fire signs, so very goal-driven individuals and [we] fuel each other in the best way.”

Honestly, one of my favorite things about good relationships is being with someone who pushes you to be your best self, so this part sounds lit if true, and might not only apply to fire sign matches.

Tela, a Taurus, said that somehow her and her Leo boo are the best match.

“Definitely agree with [Leos] being super driven, so be ready for that,” she said.

She makes it sound like it’s a bad thing? Which I guess maybe it could be if you’re not cool with your boo being up late at night putting in work when you just wanna cuddle, but I feel like most of the girls reading this are also boss bitches with their own work to put in.

Speaking of passion, this obviously translates to the bedroom also.

“Having sex with [my Leo boyfriend] is like the world is on fire,” said Erin. “He’s so attentive to my wants and it’s the best sex I’ve ever had.”

When I pressed for more details, Erin confirmed that there were lots of kisses, eye contact, and not necessarily slow, but not a crazy pace either.

So, if you’re sick of getting jack-hammered by dudes who refuse to kiss you during sex, maybe give a Leo man a try!

5. They’re Dominant

First off, being dominant is not the same thing as being controlling. And Leo guys allegedly want a partner who can match their strength and confidence (although we all know how many guys say they want a strong woman and can’t handle it IRL).

That being said, dominant guys can still be a pain in the ass if you’re an independent bitch who does her own thing and hates answering to others.

On the flip side, as an independent bitch, chances are you don’t date a lot of dominant dudes because you’re usually the one taking charge.

Maybe after one too many betas, it’s time for you to rebound with a dude who knows how to be assertive and challenges you a little bit — even if you have a love-hate relationship with it.

Sure, your rebound might turn into your biggest heartbreak ever and you’ll remember why you dated “safe” dudes before, but that’s what the fun of dating is all about!!!

“[My Leo boyfriend] does kind of need to be the dominant one…make the decisions, always be right, etc.,” says Erin. “But I don’t really mind that, I’m okay with sitting in the back seat.”

If you’re not okay with sitting in the back seat? Maybe a nice Virgo man instead!

6. They’re Not All Self-Centered Assholes…I Think?

Okay, Leo men are known to be self-centered as fuck.

When I think of a Leo man, I think of one of those guys who goes on a first date and doesn’t ask the girl he’s out with a single question (unfortunately men of many signs seem to do this).

But some girls I spoke to had some sweet stories about their Leo boos, so there is hope!

“After a long day of shooting, [my Leo boyfriend] always rubs my neck, will pick me up chocolate as a surprise, bring me coffee in the morning, and is always there to talk to me when I need him,” said Erin.

Okay, you could argue that this is a little bare-minimum-twitter-esque, but honestly, it’s probably still more effort than a lot of boyfriends put in, so don’t be pointing fingers.

“He would insist on rubbing my feet every single night after work,” said Jules. “He cooked the best food all the time, bought flowers every month on our anniversary and would leave me little notes to find about how much he loved me.”

Jules also mentioned that her ex-Leo would constantly remind her that she was “strong, capable, and could do anything” every night while they were falling asleep.

Um, a hype-man boyfriend? I can dig it.

If you’re currently seeing a Leo dude and he’s not doing these things, it’s unlikely he’s going to suddenly start doing them down the line just because of his sign. Maybe cut your losses now if that’s what you’re hoping for.

Astrology is fun and all (and sometimes super accurate), but an asshole is an asshole and a great boyfriend is a great boyfriend — regardless of his sign.

Just maybe exercise a little extra caution when you realize that the cute guy you went out with last night was born between the dates of July 23rd-August 22nd.

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